Military Camp Parking
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In the military everything is different, even driving or parking, because instead of using cars you are doing it with tanks. These gigantic vehicles are so much different to control, so you need some awesome driving skills to succeed. Take a tour of a military camp and see if you can park the tanks before the time runs out. Follow the arrow to find the highlighted parking spot. Use your arrow keys to drive it and your space bar to brake. Do your best not to crash into anything because you will damage it and you do not want to destroy the property of the army. There are a lot of obstacles in the camp, like spiked wire, barrels, tens or jeeps. You are in the wild, so you will also have to face the nature. You can keep your eyes on the timer in the bottom left part of the screen, along with the damage bar and your current level. There are eight intense levels available for you to play and have fun with. Prove your awesome driving skills and prove that you can take on such a challenge. Have an amazing time playing this incredible parking game!

Use arrow key to play the game

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Military, Camp, Parking

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