Weapons Delivery Rush
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The military men need some weapon supplies for the war that is coming soon, so they ordered some from your delivery company. There are four types of weapons which you can deliver: a bazooka, a dynamite bomb, a machine gun or a grenade. You can drive your car using your arrow keys and select the weapons you want to throw by using your number keys. You can see the weapons you have and how many of them you own in the bottom right corner of the screen. The military men will appear with a bubble asking you for a specific weapon. After you have chosen it, throw it using the space bar. Make sure it gets to your soldier. In the bottom left corner of the screen you can see how many weapons you have delivered and what is your target. Make sure you collect weapons so you will have enough and also fuel, because you will lose the game if you remain without it. You can see your fuel bar in the bottom part of the screen. You can also collect coins for a better score. The other cars in traffic will act like obstacles, so try to avoid them. Have a great time!

Use arrow key to play the game

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